Vuze for Mac

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Vuze is the ultimate bittorrent app available today. With Vuze you can search for any torrent file you want and download it instantly, using it’s easy to use interface and powerful downloader. Vuze Plus also allows you to play any video or audio file there is right on your Mac, PC or Smartphone! If you use torrents and got yourself a Mac, it’s time you get Vuze for your Mac!

Download Vuze for Mac!

Put an end to your tiring torrents searches, Vuze finds powerful torrents using meta search features with many seeders and downloads the torrent in light speed. Vuze’s system discovers HD content and prioritizes broad bandwidth. You can get Vuze on Mac, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Play Station, TiVo and Xbox 360. Just sit back and relax with Vuze does everything for you!